Rose Brown Hair – 3CE Hair Tint Review

After having platinum blonde hair for over 3 years and recently changing back to brown, I wanted to give red hair a try.

I’ve tried almost all the hair colors in the market and after eyeing this product for a while, I wanted to give the 3ce Hair Tint a go.

Product: 3ce Treatment Hair Tint
Color: Rose Brown
Price: $10


Despite what all the reviews say, I think the color they advertised is pretty spot on. In some lightings, their hair looks burgundy-reddish and in some they look almost maroon-purpley.

I think if your hair is being colored from a brown color, you will achieve a more burgundy color. If you’re coloring from a blonde/lighter color…your hair will look more maroon.

My hair turned out really maroon-ish right out of the shower, but now it has toned down to a pretty rose-brown (as they call it).


It’s been about a week since I colored my hair with this tint and my hair still has a hue of red in it. Though my ends seemed to have washed out back to light brown, the top part of my hair still has a tint of the color. I don’t really mind this because I can still see the color looming in portions of my hair.

Also, red is one of the hardest colors to maintain and they generally wash out within a few days.

Worth it?

Honestly, I would buy this again. However, the reason why I wouldn’t ideally buy it over and over is because they only sell it in Korea/online. I’d much rather just go to Target and buy a box dye of a similar color than wait 2 weeks for this product … and pay for international shipping.

Stylenanda does a good job of making their models’ hairs look super cute with perfect color. As a result, I was drawn to this product naturally haha. It was a fun experiment and I’d say overall this is a good product 🙂

What do you think? Have you tried this product?

Photos by Stylenanda/3ce


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