Our YouTube Hiatus

If you didn’t know, my twin sister Dianne and I have been creating fashion videos since 2012. One day we decided to film each other in our neighborhood wearing outfits featuring sweaters and cardigans. Looking back, it’s so funny (our video, that is). It’s so cringy and cheesy to watch, but I can’t get myself to not watch. Our 19-year old faces, smiling and posing to the camera, look so hopeful with such naive goals. (Watch our first fashion video below)

Though we seemed to have took a pause on our channel’s growth, I can’t seem to stop my desire for creating content.

Today, our channel consists of just me…and the occasional appearance of Dianne if I beg and drag her out. Due to different locations, jobs, and just different life stages, Dianne and I have been struggling get in sync with our budding passion and our channel has seemed to fallen through the cracks.

However, I managed to pull Dianne out of her apartment and got her to film 2 outfits for me during this holiday break. I’m proud of how our videos have been evolving and I’m sure there is a reason and purpose for this YouTube channel. I just don’t know what it is yet. If you’ve been supporting us even through our rough patches, thank you.

Our first fashion video (cringe)


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