Mask O’Clock: My Top 5 Sheet Masks

Face masking is becoming such a huge trend in the states lately, but it’s always been a necessity in korean beauty culture.

I used to think face masks were just that – a trend. However, I’ve been using sheet masks quite frequently now and I can say for a fact that it has transformed my skin.

I use the sheet masks that FaceTory curates into their monthly boxes, and hands down they have the most versatile selection ever. They have masks that I would have never known to try – did you know they have sheet masks that loop over your ears? lace masks? gold masks? The options are endless.

I find my skin to be at its best when I sheet mask about 2 times a week. There’s this saying where women sheet mask everyday (1일 1팩) and while all that is good, I prefer to save my precious masks by spreading them out throughout the week 🙂

Here is a list sheet masks I highly recommend and you MUST try!

SNP Green Tension Calming Lifting Mask: super lifting mask that loops over your ears
No:hj 24k Gold Mask Pack Super Collagen: the gold lace mask, good for strengthening & elasticity
Medius SOS Water Balm: very brightening and makes your face super glowy
Tosowoong 24K Gold Mask: hydrogel mask, very hydrating and gives you a nice glow
NO:hj Cinema in Beauty Contour Mask: foil lace golden sheet, super extravagant with double layer foil, very moisturizing

Those are my absolute top 5 masks that I have used multiple times and love.
How many times a week do you sheet mask and what are some of your favorite masks?


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