The Pretty Pink Coat

One thing I noticed about NYC is that there is a lot of history and culture rooted into the city. From the buildings to the parks and even to the way people behave in rush hour – everything seemed so surreal and movie-like. It seemed as if these New Yorkers pretty much got life down and know how to keep up with each second of the clock. Maybe I’m just not used to it because I grew up in this bubble called Irvine in California, but this was such a beautiful thing for me to see.
Now on to the fashion.
When I see a pink coat, it reminds me of those classy, glamour girls strutting around in their pretty pink coats in the ’50s. And also it reminds me of my mom back in the ’90s when she would always rock her bright pink blazers and coats. So, in honor of this classic city I fashioned a pink coat (actually it belongs to my mom haha) as I strolled around the city during rush hour on a cold Monday morning.
Have you been to NYC? What is your favorite thing about the city? I would love to know more about anyone’s experience exploring this magical city.

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