Morning Roo

It’s Monday and I’m back with a refreshed mindset.

My friend urged me to really get a kick-start in my life now that I quit my job and have full control of my time. I’ve been comfortable doing the bare minimum for about 2 months now, so I’m ready to make my life more difficult (in a good way!).

Some goals I want to accomplish for this week:

  • Eat cleaner and healthier.
  • Finish all my freelance video projects by this Friday.
  • Learn 2 new video editing techniques a day.
  • Research potential clients to work with and get a feel for what kind of work I want to expand on.
  • Complete my NYC Vlog and upload onto my channel.

It’s a pretty hefty list, but they are all super proactive in building my career and life.

“Live a life you are proud of”

so far, I’m not even close…but I know I have potential to get there.


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