Look Fashionable While Bundled Up

Greetings from NYC!

It was my first time visiting New York and it was magical. I anticipated the weather to be a lot cooler than it actually was, so I was layered up super warm. The temperature averaged around 40 degrees, which was surprisingly very refreshing considering California was 90 degrees at the time.

Tips to look fashionable while bundled up to the max:

1.Wear an outerwear that looks asymmetrical.

Since it wasn’t that cold, I was able to get away with just a large, chunky cardigan that blended in perfectly with my scarf. The asymmetrical shape gives the outfit more depth and makes you looks super cozy and warm.

2. Layer up under your outerwear to hide the bulky-ness inside.

You probably can’t tell, but inside I’m wearing 3 layers: a fitted tank, thick black turtleneck, and a huge fluffy sweater.

The scarf does a great job of hiding the bulky, layered neckline.

3. Wear fitted pants layered with high boots to tie the look together.

If your top is going to be chunky and layered, you want to save your figure by wearing fitted bottoms! I’m wearing olive-green colored pants that creates a nice contrast from the different shades of grey.

4. Top it off with a hat!

Nothing screams winter more than a loose, knitted beanie. These are super inexpensive and easy to find in pretty much any clothing store!

cardigan: forever21 | jeans: h&m | scarf: h&m | beanie: forever21

Happy layering!


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