How Have You Grown This Week?

This person that I really admire told me something today that really made my mind spur.

We shouldn’t live our lives reaching for our goals, rather we should be focusing on our growth as humans instead. If we live out our days and weeks and put all our efforts into 1 specific goal.. what then? What’s next after? But if we focus on who we are as people and how much we grow within a week, it seems more valuable in the long run.

Wow, I’m really bad at explaining this and I’m not sure why my thoughts aren’t smoothly coming out…but I know how I’m feeling right now, and it feels like I’ve been focusing on the wrong thing my whole life.

I don’t believe I have one specific career goal to be honest. Sure, I have a passion in video editing and fashion, but I think I need to see it in more of a closer perspective rather than seeing the big picture.

So from now on, I’m gonna always ask myself: How have I grown this week? What did I do this week that had a part in building my character. What can I do better next week that I wished I had done this week?

Life is moving too fast to just be winging it and half assing things by just “getting by”.

That’s a struggle I have at work. I half-ass my job because I hate being there, but I need the money. I guess instead of doing that, I can really use this job to build my character and grow in other things like

  • financial responsibility
  • pushing the limits to my creativity
  •  gathering skill sets that can broaden my mind

So here is my ultimate “goal” in life: grow each day as a person in terms of my personality, emotional stability, financial state, and being more self-aware.


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